Babysitting Policies | Samatone Yoga, Addison, TX

Babysitting Policies


Call (972) 934-3905 and leave:
-Your Name & Phone Number +
-Your Child”s Name(s) & Age(s)
Calls are returned ONLY if reservation is declined.
Reservations must be received by 5:00pm Monday thru Friday – PRIOR TO the desired reservation date.
Reservations for a Sunday-4:00pm & Monday must be received by 5:00pm the PREVIOUS Friday.
You may make reservations UP TO 3 days in advance.

General Cancellations:

Cancellations must be received by 5:00pm – the day PRIOR TO the day you are canceling.

The only exception is unexpected illness.

If you or your child become ill throughout the night – CALL IMMEDIATELY and leave such notice.

Late Cancellations (which are not illnesses) will be charged $15 for the visit.
Cancellations for a Saturday, Sunday or Monday must received by 5:00pm the PREVIOUS Friday.
More than ONE “late cancel” within a 4-week period results in SUSPENSION of Future Yogee Haven privileges for One (1) Month.
Future Yogee Angels are present ONLY with reservations for a specific date and time.

Sick Child Cancellations

Call (972) 934-3905 (Ext. 1) – Sick Child cancellations must be received AT LEAST 2 Hours PRIOR TO class start time. This insures appropriate time to respectfully notify Future Yogee Angel(s).

DO NOT bring your child to the Future Yogee Haven if:

your child has a runny nose and the drainage is unclear.
your child has diarrhea/been vomiting – in the past 24 hrs.
your child is running a fever (even low-grade).
your child is coughing phlegm.
your child has ANY other contagious diseases, including ringworm, lice, or pink eye.

Hours Of Operation

9:00am — Monday/Wednesday/Friday
9:30am — Tuesday & Thursday
12:00 noon — Monday thru Friday
5:45pm — Monday thru Thursday
8:30am & 10:15am — Saturday
4:00pm — Sunday
* No Babysitting: 5:45am, Fri 5:45p, 7:15pm’s, Sat 3:30pm; Sunday 9:00am

Rules and Regulations:

Children 3 Mos – 8 Yrs of age may be placed in the Future Yogee Haven. A total of 12 children are allowed in the Future Yogee Haven. Additional Future Yogee Angels are present if more than 6 children are in the Future Yogee Haven.
Children can be dropped-off 1x/Day – maximum of 2 hrs.
Parents are REQUIRED to personally sign “in/out” – and leave a picture ID when the child is left. We only release a child to the parent pictured on the ID.
Parents MUST remain in the building while their children are in the Future Yogee Haven. We keep NO CHILDREN whose parent is off-premises of our Studio.
The Future Yogee Haven is equipped with light/vibration activated beepers. A beeper is given to each parent who then keeps it with them during their practice. If the beeper lights up, the parent must immediately go to the Future Yogee Haven.
A parent is “beeped” if:
A child requires a diaper change.
A child needs to use the restroom.
A child is inconsolable for more than 15 minutes.
A child has behavior problems.
A child is hurt or sick.
A parent is required to change the diaper and dispose of it outside the building. Please bring a bag in which to wrap the dirty diaper.
Pacifiers MUST BE attached to the child”s clothing to insure against loss.
No child is allowed in the Future Yogee Haven unattended. A Future Yogee Angel MUST BE present for a child to be left in the Future Yogee Haven.
Nuts are a common allergen among children. Young children tend to share snacks ~~ Therefore, snacks containing peanuts, peanut oil or nuts of any type are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
Please read labels ~~ NO NUTS!!!
Did we mention… NO NUTS!!!